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Ivyrevel #revelista

Heard about the new digital fashion house Ivyrevel? www.ivyrevel.com

Trust me…this young label is responsible for a feminine shift in the Stockholm fashion scene and the industry as a whole.

You want feminine, bold and extrovert clothes that will make you look great and feel even better? Romantic pieces with a youthful, cool-girl vibe that you can throw on with ease and minimum thought? You’ve got it.

Campaign-04-2000pxBiker jacket is a timeless investment you’ll treasure forever. Complete a cool, off-duty look with a white tee and sneakers or further the rock ’n‘ roll feel with a skinny scarf and ankle boots. Ohhhh!!! Wear it over everything from party dresses to sweaters.

Campaign-05-2000px NoirLux-jacket-02-view-large-retina NoirLux-jacket-04-view-large-retina A high stiletto heel and signature gold-toned zipper? YES, Please!

Campaign-07-2000px Florence-shoe-01-view-large-retina Baciami-bag-01-view-large-retinaDon’t let it slip away before it’s too late. Pre-order !

Rider-bag-01-view-large-retinaWork your street-savvy confidence with a military jacket that goes with just about everything.

Million-jacket-01-view-large-retinaBlack Martini Shoes? Oh, and they go with just about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

BlackMartini-shoe-01-view-large-retina Meet Mini! Oh, and they’re also gonna’ make that behind of yours look smashing.




Campaign-06-2000pxNo time to think about it – see them, buy them, wear them with pride. Order and PreOrder! www.ivyrevel.com


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